3 Ways to Force Quit Frozen Applications in Mac OS X

There are times when an app doesn’t respond and you are left with only one option i.e. to force quit the app. Here are the three ways to force quit an application.

1) Force Quit Applications Window

Press Command + Option + Esc to open Force quit window. In this window you can see the currently running applications, to force quit an application, select the application from list and press Force Quit.
Force Quit Applications

2) Force Quit from Dock

You can force quit the application from the dock itself. Press and hold Option key and right click on the application icon in the dock, select Force Quit.
Force Quit From Dock

3) From Activity Monitor

If you have used windows then you are probably aware of the ctrl + alt + delete key combination that opens up the task manager from which you can easily force quit an application. Well, Activity Monitor can be considered as ctrl + alt + delete alternative for Mac.

To open Activity Monitor, Open Finder ❯ Applications ❯ Utilities ❯ Activity Monitor

It will show you the list of processes currently running, select the application from list and click the cross button located at the top left corner of activity monitor window, select Force Quit.
Activity Monitor Force Quit