Remove Applications from the Dock on Mac

If your dock is getting cluttered may be because of you adding several unnecessary applications to the dock, then you can fix this and make your dock look great again.

There are two ways to clear up the non frequently used apps from the dock

1) By dragging the application icon away from dock

You can drag the application icon away from the dock to remove it. You may find that sometimes when you do it, the icons just keep coming back to the dock, this is because you are not dragging it far from dock.

You need to drag the icon away until it says Remove at the top of icon and then just drop it to remove from dock. People often get confused that by doing this you are moving the app icon from dock to desktop which is wrong, it just removes it from dock, it doesn’t add it to the desktop.
Removing application from Dock

Control + click on the icon

This is another way of doing it. Press Control key and click on the applications icon in the dock. A list of options would pop up, hover on the “Options“, it would show the option “Remove from dock“, click on it. That’s it.
Control click remove option dock