How to copy full path of a file or folder in Finder on Mac

In this guide, I will show you few easy ways to find and copy the full path of a file or folder in Mac.

Method 1: Copy full path from Context menu

Right click (control + click or two finger click on trackpad) on a Folder a context menu with options will popup. Hold the option key then the options will change and you would be able to see the option: Copy “folder_name” as Pathname, click on it, the full path of the file/folder would be copied to the clipboard. You can now paste the full path anywhere you like.
Copy Folder PathName

Method 2: File or Folder info window

The info window of file/ folder shows you plenty of information about it, such as file size, file name etc. To open this, right click on folder and click Get Info( or Press Command + i).You can select the path from this window and press control + c to copy the path.
Get Info full path

Method 3: Dragging the file or folder into the terminal

I have already covered this method here. By just dragging a folder into terminal we can get the full path on terminal.
1) Open Terminal. To open press Command + Space , type terminal and hit enter.
2) Open Finder window and locate the file/folder for which you need the full path. Drag the file/folder to the terminal. This will copy the full path of that file/folder on terminal as shown in the screenshot below.
Dragging folder to terminal

Full path on terminal
Full path on terminal after dragging folder