How to show full file path in Finder window titlebar using Terminal

Show full path in finder title featured
Sometimes while browsing through files, we need to see the full path to the file so that we don’t loose the track. By default the title bar of Finder window only shows the current folder name. However if you want you can enable the full path view in Finder window title bar. Especially, Windows users would want this as they have a habit of seeing full path in the title bar.

Enabling full path in the Finder window title bar

To do this you need to open the Terminal in Mac utilities.
How to open terminal? Open Finder ❯ Go to Applications ❯Utilities ❯ Open Terminal

1. Type the following command:

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES;

Hit Enter.

2. Relaunch the Finder. To do this, press Option key and right click (two finger tap on trackpad) on Finder in dock ❯ click Relaunch.
relaunching finder

3. That’s it. You would see the full path in Finder window title.
Finder titlebar full path

Reverting the changes

If you don’t like to see the full path. You can revert back to the original state at any point of time by doing this –

Type this command in terminal:

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool NO;

Hit Enter.

Relaunch the Finder as mentioned in the step 2 of above section.
This would revert the Finder window titlebar to original state without the full path.