How to show Macintosh HD in Finder and Desktop

If you recently switched from Windows to Mac, you may be wondering where is “My Computer” in Mac, because as a windows users we are so used to it. Well, in Mac we don’t have “My Computer” but we do have similar thing in Mac, called Macintosh HD, that is basically your Mac hard drive which will give you the access to all files and folder on your system. However you won’t find it in your Mac easily, especially if you are a beginner. In this guide, I will tell you how to show Mac HD in Finder window and on desktop.

Step 1: Open Finder from the top finder menu and select Preferences. Alternatively you can press Command + , after launching Finder to open preferences directly.
Finder Preferences show MacHD
Step 2: In General tab, check the Hard disks option. This will make your Hard drive visible on Desktop.

Show MacHD In Finder Window
Step 3: To make the hard drive visible in Finder favorites, go to the Sidebar tab in Finder Preferences and check the Hard disks option listed under Devices. This will make the hard drive visible in Finder sidebar.
Hd In Finder Favorites